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Kirsty's Reading Life

My little (ok, it may be big now) book obsession started with Fifty Shades of Grey, as it did with many. I barely read a book a month before hand, now it can be a book a day. I finished FSOG within days and was pretty much craving something to fill the void - I honestly felt empty. So I bought my Kindle and attacked Amazon. I googled 'what to read after Fifty Shades of Grey' and came across a wonderful site where I found a forum full of lovely ladies to talk to, and then I found Goodreads. All of this has lead to me reading some incredible books that I will never forget and awakened a love of reading I never knew I had. After a while I started to review my books on here when I found I just couldn't stop talking about them. I try to be as fair as possible without giving too much away.